Instantly convert any webpage into a Sketch Artboard

Protoship Teleport

the sketchapp website converted into a Sketch design

Experiment with existing designs from all over the internet without having to start from scratch.

Protoship Teleport already saved me quite a few hours, thank you very much! Being beta, it still requires some polish, and yet it's a blessing to have. I now have a solid foundation that I can use to show my UX solutions right inside the web app in which it will be implemented, instead of just plain wireframes. Looking forward to the public release.

―Dimitry Yakoviuck

Note: Teleport is not compatible with Sketch 52.

Teleport continues to work with Sketch 51.3, which can be downloaded from

Getting Started

  • 1. Install Chrome extension

    The extension captures your page and saves it on the Protoship server.

    Install from Google Play Store
  • 2. Install Sketch plugin

    Once a page is captured by the Chrome extension, use this Sketch plugin to recreate it into a new Artboard. To install, extract the .zip file and double-click on the Sketch Plugin file.



Open the page to be captured in Chrome, click the Convert Now button from the Protoship extension window, and follow displayed instructions.

how to use the teleport chrome extension

This is beta software

Thanks for using Teleport. This is beta software and there will be bugs and rendering issues. Please report errors and send us your feedback at