Protoship Teleport

Convert websites to Adobe XD designs

For professional design work

If you are a designer trying to work on an existing website, you can use Teleport to import the site into Adobe XD and avoid hours of manual work.

Rapidly create complex designs without scripting

You can write HTML & CSS, or even generate complex pages with Javascript and import it into XD using Teleport. For example, you can create color swatches for your design system and recreate it as a design in one go.

Learn design

In the spirit of Dan Mall's Stealing your way to original designs, use Teleport to experiment with a large number of designs as you're learning the craft.


Sites like Dribble and pre-made design templates are a rich source for inspiration. The world-wide-web is an even larger and varied source of design ideas and Teleport lets you unlock all of it.

You can install Teleport in 2 minutes:

  1. Install the Chrome extension
  2. Install the Adobe XD plugin

Now, click on the Teleport icon, which is located in the browser's extensions toolbar. Then just click on the "Start!" button to begin.

Help & Support

Write to us at Apologies in advance for delayed response — at times it could take us as long as a week before we are able to respond. But feel free to follow-up if it is urgent!


Protoship Teleport is built by Sherin and Jasim using the Reason/OCaml programming language, compiled with BuckleScript, which is the fastest programming tool we've ever used. We heartily recommend this stack to anyone building software for the web.

Adobe XD's plugin architecture is robust and well-designed, and was a pleasure to work with.

Neither Sherin nor Jasim are designers, but Shekhar Gurav and Jaison Justus are. Almost everything either of us know about design is thanks to these two gentlemen.

Protoship owes a deep debt and gratitude to BigBinary, without whose help Teleport simply wouldn't have been possible. Thanks folks!

A brief history

We first launched Teleport in Dec 2015, and it was used by numerous designers over the next few years. However, it targeted Sketch at the time and we were relying on Sketch's internal, undocumented APIs. This made it difficult to support newer versions of the software. We shut down the service later and decided to bring it back with a more stable base. This is that release.

I'm not a designer, can I use Teleport?

No. I mean, no, you _are_ a designer. Everyone is a designer. So everyone can use Teleport :)

My company wants to work with you

We are keen to help companies build design tools and performant web applications with Rails, Javascript, and React. We also offer training services to help your teams get upto speed with typed functional programming using Reason/OCaml. Drop us a line at to start a conversation.

Privacy and data retention

The Teleport Chrome extension limits itself to the absolute minimum permission possible for it to do its job. It can be activated only by you explicitly clicking on the extension icon on the browser toolbar. Otherwise it has zero access to the browser (this is enforced by Chrome itself). But once activated, the extension will have complete access to the current site you are in. This is necessary because it has to traverse the entire DOM to capture the website and send to the Protoship server.

On the server, any site you upload is sent to a Redis instance and expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. It is not saved in any persistent storage (including logs), and is completely gone from our system after expiry.

Email us with your testimonials

We avoid collecting user data as much as possible and only have basic page visit analytics in the website. (It's gone, it wasn't terribly useful anyway). All we have is your user account in the database and transiently associate it with your uploads in Redis. They automatically expire after a while.

There is no data collection like error reporting or usage analytics in either the Chrome extension or in the Adobe XD plugin. This means we're sort of flying blind when it comes to knowing how you're using the product.

So if you enjoy Teleport and want to motivate us to continue improving it, then do write to us with your testimonials. If Teleport helped you save some time or made your designs better, we would love to know! Reach us at

Teleport for other design tools

Building clients for each new tool takes months of effort and will require ongoing work to keep up with newer releases. It is unlikely that we'll be able to invest that kind of effort for more tools.