Rails on OCaml

I’ve been programming with Reason/OCaml for a year now and have come around to the idea that typed functional programming based on the ML…

Jasim A Basheer

March 19, 2019

Consistency and drudgery in UI design

The key to good UI design is visual consistency. It is also the key to good HTML & CSS. But in practice, websites are inconsistent even in…

Jasim A Basheer

March 09, 2019

How functional is Ruby?

The mental model for imperative programming is one of simulation. To understand such a program, one has to imagine discrete pieces of state…

Jasim A Basheer

February 17, 2019

An Invitation to ReasonML

Peter Deutsch once quipped that if you get the data structures and their invariants right, most of the code will just kind of write itself…

Jasim A Basheer

May 10, 2017