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Sherin Cleetus & Jasim A Basheer


Author of UIPad - an innovation that'll automate away routine tasks from front-end development and save millions of hours of manual effort.

Co-author of Rubymonk, a set of interactive tutorials loved by the Ruby community. Built in 2011, from idea to launch in 45 days.

Built a diverse range of software - starting from GAAP-based accounting, POS, and payroll systems, to picture sharing apps, adtech systems, and large SOA installations.

Expertise across the web stack - Ruby, Rails, Javascript, and React.

On Twitter at @jasim_ab.


Author of Teleport - a tool for designers and product managers that draws design files from existing websites, allowing rapid experimentation.

Increased live traffic and revenue conversion by several multiples for the country's second largest mobile operator through technology innovation in how feature codes were presented to users. Moved from a broad segment-based targeting, the status quo due to technical limitations in the USSD protocol, to a personalized targeting system by building a custom session server over it.

Expertise in high-availability servers processing millions of transactions, without incurring the typical costs associated with horizontally scaled hardware (running critical systems for as cheap as $80/month)

On Twitter at @jcsherin.